Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Book a professional Dog Groomer

Although home dog grooming may sometimes seem like a more quick and affordable option, there are many reasons why using a professional mobile dog groomer is much better than home grooming.

Booking a professional mobile dog groomer is not only a great way to treat your dog and look after their coat, but it’s essential for their health and wellness too. Professional dog groomers have experience in grooming your dog’s coat to the different requirements of each breed and they also have the best grooming equipment on hand to get great results. You can trust a professional groomer like BOOP to get your dog looking great and feeling furtastic!

Read on to find out our top 5 reasons why you should be booking frequent grooming appointments for your four-legged friend.
Here are the top 5 reasons why you should visit a professional groomer:

1. Groomers can do the full range of grooming requirements.

Whilst you may be able to bathe your dog at home, brush them and trim their nails, a professional groomer will be trained to brush, clean, dry, clip, and trim them using all of the correct tools for each part of the process. Alongside this, professional groomers are also skilled in checking the ears for infection and keeping on top of your dog’s nail care to prevent splits, cracks and breakages.

2. Professional groomers have experience

Unless you’re an experienced hairdresser, you wouldn’t cut your hair at home, and you should approach your dog’s grooming routine with the same attitude. By taking your dog to visit a professional groomer, you’ll be benefiting from a wealth of knowledge, experience and years of training that will ensure that your dog is styled to perfection.

Groomers are also skilled in taking care of more necessary but unpleasant tasks such as removing fleas, with some groomers even taking care of your dog’s anal glands to prevent them from developing health problems or becoming uncomfortable.

3. They have the tools to groom professionally

Professional groomers have an abundance of equipment at their fingertips. From a wide range of scissors and clippers built for different coat types and purposes to a variety of shampoos and conditioners tailored to different coat types, professional groomers know precisely the right products to use for your dog.

4. They can alert you to any health concerns

Although groomers aren’t vets, their experience handling and working with dogs every day puts them in a great position to spot health issues that may have gone unnoticed. Things like suspicious lumps, dental issues and skin problems are all things that a professional groomer may notice when handling your pet, giving you plenty of time to get your beloved dog to a vet for further investigation.

5. They know how to handle dogs with different behaviours

Does your dog fuss and wiggle when you try to groom it at home? Just like children, dogs are less likely to fuss for a stranger than they do with a person they know well.

Grooming helps socialise younger dogs by exposing them to new environments, sensations, and smells and being handled by a stranger also teaches them how to behave in these situations.

Most groomers are experienced in dealing with difficult dog behaviour, studying it as part of their training, so they often know how best to deal and work with a range of different dog breeds and behaviours, and can adjust the grooming accordingly for a positive experience all round.

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