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An amazing tail

BOOP was founded to honor the memory of two Pomeranians, Maxi, and Honey. After years of experience with pet grooming services, we understand what it takes to provide a stress-free and high-quality mobile pet grooming experience in Dubai for both the pet and pet parent.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide Dubai a superior mobile pet grooming experience at the intersection of convenience and luxury.

Welcoming both cats and dogs we provide full pet grooming services with a focus on ‘kindness’, that’s why we only use:

  • Soothing warm filtered water
  • Gentle brushing techniques
  • The best natural, cruelty-free products


Sustainability is important to us, we do not believe in using nasty chemical products which are harmful to the environment and our furbabies. Rest assured all our shampoo and conditioning treatments are natural and cruelty-free. Even our 600gsm, hotel-quality towels are made from sustainably sourced cotton and washed with eco-friendly laundry detergent.

We hope you trust us to groom your furbaby and experience what BOOP has to offer to keep your pet looking and feeling fantastic from head to tail!

The Boop Pledge


We know how important your pets are to you, and we want to give them the best care and attention they deserve. Kindness is the backbone of our company and we ensure kindness is always shown to your pet.


We never compromise on quality standards, that’s why we offer the best Organic products for your furbabies and the highest quality of grooming equipment available on the market.


The BOOP team is a family we want you to be part of, we love meeting fellow pet parents and being part of the pet community. Our friendly team is here to keep tails wagging!


We want to keep your pet looking and feeling fantastic, that’s why we have designed grooming packages that pamper your pet and leave them feeling and smelling beautifully fresh!

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